Allen has been part of the Information Technology / Computer Systems Engineering field for over 20 years. He has a wide variety of experience in networking, enterprise architecture support, database development and database administration.

He has a broad IT background but always comes back to his passion - working with modern web technologies that serve client or public interest.

His depth of knowledge has been in PHP, C# and MS-SQL development but he’s also developed extensive Perl applications for process automation and data conversion.

He has been the exclusive project lead, administrator and developer for the customer relationship management solution - SugarCRM.

Allen is the exclusive administer and developer for the company Intranet. He initially built the Intranet into an ASP.NET C# solution but moved to WordPress to encourage outside departments to collaborate content management.

He considers himself a “full stack” engineer - he is comfortable using his system engineering skills to build a project server then switch to database administrator role to install, configure and develop the database then switch roles again to a developer role to code needed for the project.