I have been reading “Getting Real” by @37Signals and came across content that describes me well.

Chapter 8 - You Can’t Fake Enthusiasm

Go for happy and average over frustrated and great Enthusiasm. It’s one attribute you just can’t fake. When it comes time to hire, don’t think you need a guru or a tech-celebrity. Often, they’re just primadonnas anyway. A happy yet average employee is better than a disgruntled expert.

Find someone who’s enthusiastic. Someone you can trust to get things done when left alone. Someone who’s suffered at a bigger, slower company and longs for a new environment. Someone who’s excited to build what you’re building. Someone who hates the same things

I have a lot of enthusiasm for web development. I spend a lot of my free time “dialed in” to what’s going on in the web development community through meetups, podcast, blogs and tweets. Unfortunately, I’m the only one interested in web development at my 8-5 job so there are rarely opportunities to “talk shop”.

This pent up enthusiasm sometimes spills out when I go to meetups or have the rare conversation with web-dev peers.

Enthusiasm without being overbearing.
I sometimes feel my enthusiasm can be overbearing (or over caffeinated) and I try to keep that “in check”.
For example, I was recently asked to help co-organize a local meetup. With my typical enthusiasm I said YES!! I’ve offered several suggestions how I could help out and asked if we should meet to do some planning.
After a couple months and several e-mails I’m not getting much feedback from the current organizer. I might have put them off by being so overzealous.

My personal challenge: Be enthusiastic, encouraging and supportive without being overbearing.

Provide constructive energy without the caffeine =:)

01-07-2015 - Follow up
I received e-mail from the meetup organizer the evening I posted this. They were busy, I was over-anxious to get started. All is good.
I didn’t “put them off” with my enthusiam, but again I should always keep my enthusiasm from becoming over caffeinated.