After a long time trying I think I’ve finally got my HTTPS_PROXY settings set correctly. I can now use NPM and GIT!

GIT: I have been trying to use GIT inside the corporate firewall for some time. Unfortunately it’s blocked by the proxy server.

NPM: The same problem affects NODE.JS … I can’t NPM anything because it’s blocked.

This has prevented me from doing any modern web development at work!

So what was the missing piece?..

I didn’t have the right URL format for my HTTPS_PROXY environment variable. I attempted http://proxyservername:9090 without success. What I was missing was the username/password embedded in the URL: http://[loginname]:[password]@[proxyserver]:[PORT]

I just installed GULP with a $ npm install --global gulp (I’m soo excited).

With success with NPM I tried GIT. I finally got git clone to work for me (YAY! More excitement).

Links to resources that help me find my way: