I’ve used the Eclipse editor in the past but not since I started using a Mac in 2014. I’ve tried several times to to get Eclipse running on my MacBook but failed. Eclipse would complain that my version of Java was too old. I would attempt to upgrade Java but it never worked.


For me upgrading Java required turning OFF the macOS System Integrity Protection (SIP).

Once SIP was turned off I could run the Java upgrade and the JDK upgrade.

System Integrity Protection (SIP)

How do you turn off SIP?

  1. Restart in macOS Recovery
    1. Restart your Mac and when the power comes back hold down Ctrl-R until the Apple icon displays. When you see the Apple icon, you can release the keys.
    2. After your macOS loads you will have a window with Utilities and other options in the menu. From the Utilities menu select Terminal.
    3. From the Terminal window, run this command:

      csrutil disable

    4. Restart your Mac and re-run your Java upgrade and JDK upgrade.
  2. When your done upgrading, you want to re-enable System Integrity Protection (SIP)
    1. Restart your Mac and get back into macOS Recovery
    2. Back in the Terminal window, run this command:

      csrutil enable

Back to Eclipse

Now that Java is updated you can re-run your Eclipse installation and it shouldn’t complain about Java.