The August 5th, 2015 Dayton Web Developers meeting was a bit different from previous meetings. With 28 people attending the audience was larger than normal. Lightning Talks seem to bring people out because they like the variety of topics. Nathan Rambeck was also out of town on vacation so I was in charge of the meeting. On top of that, I was one of the 5 presenters.

Let’s see… pickup the pizza, get the room ready, greet and “warm up” the audience, introduce the topics and speakers, coordinate the “give aways”, AND give a presentation. I was busy.

Thankfully Ricardo Zea and Bryan Braun were there to help. Bryan was also presenting so he was busier than usual also. (big “thank you!” you guys)

My Presentation

My topic, titled “Create a Babel stack to transpile/polyfill ES6 code”, was on a skeleton build that uses Babel to transpile ES2015 code into ES5 (older JavaScript). This was a great topic because Babel allows you to embrace the newer JavaScript while using web browsers that don’t support the newer JavaScript. I also wanted to let the group know that this small build could be used in a variety of ways- as a test bed, as a new build or a means to get the transpiled JavaScript.

This is the second time I’ve had a chance to present in front of the Dayton Web Developers group. As an organizer, I feel more compelled to get in front and present to the group. How can I ask them step up while I’m never do?

The meeting was a hit! Everyone enjoyed the variety of topics and they seemed to like 5 presenter rather than the 7 we’ve had in the past.

I’m looking forward to the next time I can present in front of the group.